Chain Chronicle - RPG v2.0.20.3 Apk

Chain Chronicle - RPG v2.0.20.3 Apk

Chain Chronicle V1.7.1.1 Mod apk

Free Download Chain Chronicle - RPG v2.0.20.3 Apk: Selamat pagi sob. Hari ini JemberCyber akan membagikan sebuah hiburan yang terbaru, Apa lagi kalau bukan game yang sangat seru sekali yang sangat menantang sobat untuk bermain sebuah game ini dan game tersebut bernama Chain Chronicle. Game ini merupakan sebuah pasukan tentara yang harus melindungi dunia dari serangan para tentara hitam dan tentara ini bukan tentara sembarangan yang cuman megang pistol, tetapi tentara tesebut mempunyai sebuah ilmu sihir yang sangat keren sekali. Jika sobat tidak download game ini sangat rugi sekali, karena game ini merupakan RGP sob.


  • Engage in tactical real-time strategy battles! Experience an awesome mix of tower defense and RPG combat action!
  • Multiple gameplay options! Solo your way through Chain Chronicle’s massive story, or face off against other captains in one of two PVP modes to climb the ranks and receive glorious prizes (PvP is exclusive to the global version of Chain Chronicle)
  • Recruit from over 300 unique allies (some exclusive to this version of Chain Chronicle), each with a variety of abilities! Command and unleash the full potential of your knights, wizards, clerics, archers and soldiers!
  • Further enhance your army by equipping your warriors with weapons which can be found in Yggdra, won from competitions or crafted via the Blacksmith feature (unique to the global version of Chain Chronicle).
  • ”Awakened” characters & new mission system: The latest update of Chain Chronicle allows you to recruit 4 to 5 star versions of past starter units. New alternate objectives in missions let you reap bigger rewards if you’re diligent enough.


Chain Chronicle - RPG v2.0.20.3 Apk
Chain Chronicle - RPG v2.0.20.3 Apk
Chain Chronicle - RPG v2.0.20.3 Apk

What’s New In:

  • A lot, actually. This is our biggest Chain Chronicle update yet, packed with new characters and fan-favorite features: 
  • New Allies Join The Fray. All-new 4 and 5 star characters, from swashbuckling pirates to enchanting merfolk, await you in the new world.
  • A Brand New Adventure Beyond The Ocean. Brave through the new continent in an all-new tale filled with new dangers, new enemies, and big treasure!
  • Old Legends Made Anew. Existing heroes and heroines now have new 4 and 5 star counterparts. Get their new awakened forms via special quests!
  • Permanent Recruit Rates Increase. There is now a better & higher chance for players to recruit high-level allies from Yggdra’s various taverns.
  • Revamped Quest System & Interface. New mission system in quests let you reap bigger rewards if you complete alternate objectives. An improved interface in and out of combat allows for a smoother time when party-managing or fighting.

Link Download:

Chain Chronicle - RPG v2.0.20.3 Apk

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