The Battle of Gods-Apocalypse 0.14.18 Apk

The Battle of Gods-Apocalypse 0.14.18 Apk

The Battle of Gods-Apocalypse 0.14.18 Apk

Free Download The Battle of Gods-Apocalypse 0.14.18 Apk: Pada kesempatan pagi hari ini saya akan membagikan sebuah game android yang bernama The Battle of Gods-Apocalypse. Game ini merupakan sebuah pertempuran yang berada di sebuah petualangan  yang ingin menaklukkan berbagai musuh yang ada, game ini merupakan sebuah game 3D yang membuat sobat semuanya tertarik ingin mencobanya memainka game ini tunggu apa lagi buruan download sekarang juga.


  • 3D characters and environment that provide realistic battle and adventure feels throughout the game! Experience 3D sensation you've never felt before!
  • Play as Gods and Goddesses: from Anubis (God of Death), Van Helsing (Demon Hunter), Thor (God of Thunder), Aphrodite (Goddess of Love), to Hades (God of the Underworld).
  • Unleash dazzling ultimate skills at your fingertips while you formulate advance strategy to survive the action-packed wars in the Battle of Gods universe! Employ extra-ordinary guild of Gods.
  • PvP Arena: Glory or Death! Survival of the fittest in the most unique Arena ever. Three different Arena modes where you can test your prowess against players around the world! Pick among 'Title Arena', 'Team Honor Battle', or 'Devil's Myth" - Win them all to proof that YOU ARE ALL THAT! MOBA sensation on your device!
  • Triumph over warzones and lairs: Use your strength & magic while charging into monsters and obstacles inside. Collect special rewards for your Gods and Goddesses that you can use for upgrades. Or simply sell them to enrich your treasury. Fighting monsters has never been THIS FUN!
  • Upgrade your Horcrux: Collect the best Horcrux! Use it to upgrade and equip your Gods and Goddesses to reach their max potential! You can get thousands of items to create stronger and better Gods in many ways you wish, to assist you in WORLD DOMINATION!
  • Nation & Friend System: The higher the level of your Nation, the more privileges you get. Join the best Nation and add more friends. Support your Nation by donating, in return, you can get Stamina, Energy, Gold, or even Diamonds. Have fun chatting with players across Nations!.


The Battle of Gods-Apocalypse 0.14.18 Apk
The Battle of Gods-Apocalypse 0.14.18 Apk
The Battle of Gods-Apocalypse 0.14.18 Apk

What's New:

  • New Gods
  • Sun Wu Kong: The Monkey King
  • Erawan: The Elephant Warrior
  • Reduce AI account and adjust difficulty in Arena & Devil Myth
  • Reduce Honor Arena requirement to level 25
  • New Devil's Myth UI
  • Add more item rewards in Devil's Myth
  • Honor Arena challenge reset time adjusted to 5:00AM (server time)
  • Special Promo:
  • Any Initial Diamonds purchase will give 150 Diamonds bonus
  • Initial Diamonds purchase for minimal 271 Diamonds, will give HADES and 150 Diamonds/day for 30 days.

Link Download:

The Battle of Gods-Apocalypse 0.14.18 Apk

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