Roguelike Spellslinger Apk v1.0.62 (Mod Money)

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Free Download Roguelike Spellslinger Apk v1.0.62 (Mod Money): Sekarang ini saya akan membagikan sebuah game android yang bernama Roguelike Spellslinger Apk. Game ini merupakan sebuah perjalanan pertempuran melalui dunia dengan musuh yang  dihasilkan dengan cara prosedural dan loots menjadikan kuat seperti sobat bertempuran tentara tak berujung dengan kerangka dan menemukan sebuah emas diperjalanan   sepanjang sobat melintas dan kemampuan dapat mempunyai sebuah karakter yang kuat, Tumbuh dengan lebih kuat sehingga musuh akan sama dengan kekuatan yang sobat miliki.

Berhati-tilah dalam menghadapi sebuah kematian yang nantinnya sobat akan menghadapi sebuah pertarungan yang sangat sengit sehingga banyak  sebuah kekuatan jurus musuh yang harus sobat hadapi dalam pertempuran ini, Sehingga sobat harus menghadapi musuh yang menghalangi perjalanan petualangan sobat.

Free Download Roguelike Spellslinger Apk v1.0.62 (Mod Money)


Plunder, shop and fight your way through the universe of Spellslinger, a roguelike top down shooter with procedurally created adversaries and plunders! 

Turned into a capable spellslinger as you fight an interminable armed force of skeletons. You will discover plunders and golds along the way and will ready to outfit your character with effective apparatuses. As you develop more grounded, so will the adversaries. Be mindful so as not to bite the dust as passings in Spellslinger are lasting! In case you're dead, you will lose your level advancement and every one of your things.


  • Procedurally generated items
  • Every loots are different, you will find infinite possible combination of items to customize your character to become stronger, or stranger.
  • Unique enemies each time
  • Battle unique kind of enemies with different strength and weakness every time you play the game.
  • Inflict elemental damage and statuses
  • Wide variety of spells with various strength and effects. Battle using different elements and inflict different status to your enemies. Set your enemies on fire, stun them, slow down movement, and more!
  • Equip as much spells as you want
  • Inflict multiple statuses and damages to the enemies. your only concern is your mana pool.
  • Customize your character with infinite combination of items
  • Your mana pool, health, attack speed, move speed, etc all can be upgraded with items equipped.
  • Roguelike
  • Restart the game if you screw up. there is no second chance if you're dead, unless if you possess a *certain legendary item*.
  • Different playstyle each restart
  • Your gameplay is very dependant on your items found, and since the items are random, you will play the game differently each time you died.
  • Shop with in-game gold
  • If loots are so rare to find, you can just buy it from the item vendor using golds that are found in game. (golds are obtainable without IAP)
  • In-App Purchase-progress FREE
  • You will not get stuck! Game will not require in-app purchase items to progress. The game can be enjoyed without using IAP.


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Info Game:

Game Name : Roguelike Spellslinger
Game Category : Role Playing Games
Game Size : 55 MB
Version of The Game : 1.0.62
File Format : Apk
Requires Android : 2.3 and up

What's New:

  • Fixed fps drop during play.

Link Download: