HellFire: The Summoning Apk v5.4 Mod (Immortality)

HellFire: The Summoning Apk v5.4 Mod (Immortality)

HellFire: The Summoning Apk v5.4 Mod (Immortality)

Free Download HellFire: The Summoning Apk v5.4 Mod (Immortality): Apa kabar sobat pada kesempatan kali ini saya akan membagikan sebuah game android terbaru yang bernama HellFire The Summoning. Game ini menceritakan sebuah makhluk yang sangat menyeramkan sekali telah mengetahui bagai mana cara untuk membuka sebuah gerbang antara dunia manusia dengan mahkluk, Sehingga membawa malapetaka ke dunia manusia, Di game ini sobat harus memanfaatkan sebuah kekuatan elemen Api dan Air untuk mengalahkan makhluk yang sangat menyeramkan tersebut.


  • Over 600 chapters to complete, HellFire brings hours of dynamic gameplay to your device. Ongoing live events, new features, and downloadable content mean new challenges are only ever a few taps away
  • Summon creatures with all manor of skills to aid you in battle; rain fire from the heavens, inflict your enemies with poison, etc
  • Easy to pick up and fun to master. Innovative flick controls combine your own skills with the powers your creatures possess
  • Summon and evolve hundreds of beautifully rendered creatures, while exploring volumes of expansive, 3D worlds. HellFire is one of the most visually spectacular games ever released on mobile.


HellFire: The Summoning Apk v5.4 Mod (Immortality)
HellFire: The Summoning Apk v5.4 Mod (Immortality)

What's New:

  1. Guild Warfare! Join a Guild with your allies, fight your enemies together, compete against the others Guilds and earn additional rewards in this new mode of HellFire
  2. New Cursed missions! now Special Dungeon and Raid Boss Events are going to be even more exciting and challenging!
  3. Destroyed some bugs.

Link Download:

HellFire: The Summoning Apk v5.4 Mod (Immortality)

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